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Opportunity to Stand Out!

Expertise that will get you noticed

To achieve the highest level of success in providing retirement income solutions to clients, advisors must go beyond today’s conventional wisdom to embrace a new and much more complete process. The Retirement Management Advisor® (RMA®) certification program is an advanced certificate program that focuses on building custom retirement income plans to mitigate clients' risks and to master the retirement planning advisory process, all within an increasingly regulatory environment.

Focused on outcomes, not expectations, the RMA® certification provides advisors with practical tools, techniques, and methodologies to accelerate outcomes. The result is a set of knowledge and turnkey skills that set you apart and provide you with the expertise you need to become your firm’s go-to expert. Strategies and techniques that help you win new clients, navigate your clients’ needs, and help them thrive throughout the entire retirement lifecycle.

Strategies and techniques that break through glass ceilings

Consider the transformational impact that the Institute’s Retirement Management Advisor® certification program can have on your career trajectory. It’s no surprise that firms look for advisors who bring something new to the table. Recruiters today, look for individuals who bring advanced credentials to their firm; specialized skillsets and laser-focused knowledge and strategies that go beyond those who are Certified Financial Planners®.

 In as little as 1-3 months, you can gain the skills & strategies you need to navigate the complex world of planning for and thriving inside of retirement.   Our executive educational program was designed to help you differentiate yourself. When it comes to retirement planning, firms look for leaders who know how to apply risk mitigation techniques and can dive deep into household cash flows, balance sheets and identify use probability-based and safety-first strategies.
Individuals who thrive, hold a level of knowledge that their peers, and teams don’t have today. They’ll be the ones who come to the table with a fresh set of ideas, new strategies that they can implement immediately and have an Ivy-league quality network they can tap into. That’s where we come in.

What is RMA® certification?

Most executive educational programs around retirement focus on helping you construct future retirement plans for your clients but lack any focus on helping those already in retirement. Our Retirement Management Advisor®  certification program focuses on both, but, it takes it a step further and a lot deeper.

The RMA®  certification curriculum was designed to help advisors navigate the ins and outs of the complex world around retirement and retirees. It’s comprehensive. It’s holistic and it embodies everything from taking an outcomes-based approach to providing you with actionable tools and strategies you can implement immediately.

It was meant for times like these too. The RMA®  certification  education addresses real-time retiree challenges. Our faculty bring relevant client challenges of today to the table. They share techniques and provide you with tips, tricks and ideas to keep your clients who are in retirement on track with their life-long goals. Address today’s retiree challenges with actionable ideas and strategies in less than 3-months.

Our comprehensive curriculum:

  • Provides an in-depth look at the retirement mindset

  • Specializes in helping advisors create bulletproof plans throughout the retirement lifecycle

  • It’s a comprehensive program designed to show advisors how to plan for and navigate through all stages of retirement

  • The curriculum focuses on teaching strategies to manage through all market conditions

  • Showcases procedural application guides to help you create individualized roadmaps

  • Provides you with a procedural prudence map so you can start applying and implementing comprehensive strategies immediately


Want to learn how you can obtain the strategies, insights, and expertise to elevate your career to a higher level?


Why RMA®  certification ?

You will be able to bring the critical issues of retirement income planning into focus. You will gain valuable, formal training and learn the important differences between planning for accumulation and planning for retirement income. Our Retirement Management Advisor® certification program will help you prioritize your business strategies; pivot using new skills and information and allow you to apply more thoughtful and meaningful conversations that yield the results you, your firm and clients need, now. Learn a process for asking the right questions to help clients build a resilient retirement income plan that helps them weather the unexpected. Get tools to help get them on track and keep them on track, on topics from lifestyle issues through tax planning and Medicare planning. Explore a process for implementing, communicating about, and monitoring the plan.

  • Increase your value at your firm
  • Differentiate yourself from your peers
  • Become your firm’s go-to retirement expert


Isn’t it time to invest in yourself?


What People Are Saying

Dorothy Bossung CPWA RMA

“My participation in the RMA® certification program has given me practical insight that I can use every day when working on retirement issues with my clients. The certification process has helped me grow my business and my network.”

Dorothy Bossung, CIMA®, CPWA®, RMA®, CFP®
Director at BDO Wealth Advisors, LLC

Investments & Wealth Institute member since 1998