RMA® Certification Curriculum Overview



The skills needed to compete in today’s business climate is changing

IWI Capabilities Matrix
The Institute provides the tools and resources you need to build & retain your business. After careful research and input from industry leaders, we formulated an educational framework.

This framework, called the Investments & Wealth Management Capabilities Matrix is our guiding light, our North star, and we are happy to bring it to life through our executive educational programs so that you can succeed within today’s wealth management landscape.

The Investments & Wealth Management Capabilities Matrix


IWI Capabilities Matrix

The right combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, matter

The RMA® certification is uniquely designed to provide a useful and relevant balance of client diagnostics, retirement lifecyle plan, risk management and retirement planning best practices. It goes well beyond the fundamentals, with deep dives into legacy issues and specialty client services. The RMA® certification program provides a systematic process advisors and consultants can use to put their clients’ retirement strategies into action

What you will learn in the RMA®  certification program:


RMA Core Topics

The RMA® Certification Core of Body of Knowledge includes four knowledge domains, covering 8 knowledge sections derived from a job task analysis. This process allows us to continuously refresh the content based on feedback from experts in the industry  to ensure you obtain the knowledge and skills needed to become an advanced retirement management consulting professional.

Client Diagnostic Kit

  1. Client Planning Process—Client planning process, retirement phases, advisors' styles, “gamma," measures of fundedness

  2. The Household Balance Sheet—Household balance sheet, financial, social and human capital, start of life-cycle plan

  3. Household Cash Flows—Fixed and discretionary expenses, tax-bracket planning, retirement milestones, Medicare and Long-term care, Social Security, pensions, complete life-cycle plan

Retirement Allocation

  1. Assessing Retirement Risks—Retiree risk profiles, risk management techniques, floor allocation, probability-based and safety-first strategies

RMA Toolbox

  1. Risk Management Allocations—Retirement allocations, withdrawal strategies, time segmentation, retirement policy statements

  2. Account Location/Product Selections—Product selection, account location, income annuities

Practice Management

  1. Presenting & Monitoring the PlanMethods for planning, transparent and trustworthy advisory practice, aligning client situation with planning methodology

  2. Professional GuidelinesInvestments & Wealth Institute’s Code of Professional Responsibility, marks usage, legal and regulatory compliance

Ensuring you have the right skills is why we exist

Our rigorous curriculum was developed to ensure you have the extensive knowledge you need to drive your career and business moving forward.  

If you are a candidate for RMA® certification, the exam will test the major topic areas below

Exam Percentage




Client Diagnostic Kit

Chapter/Module 1—The Client Planning Process: 20%
Chapter/Module 2---The Household Balance Sheet: 13%
Chapter/Module 3---Household Cash Flows: 20%


Retirement Allocations

Chapter/Module 4---Assessing Retirement Risks: 12%


RMA Toolbox

Chapter/Module 5---Risk Management Allocations: 14%
Chapter/Module 6---Account Location/Product Selection:  7%


Practice Management

Chapter/Module 7---Presenting and Monitoring the Plan:  6%
Chapter/Module 8---Professional Guidelines:  7%