RMA® Candidate Profile

The RMA® community is made up of elite advisors from around the globe committed to creating exceptional retirement outcomes for their clients.



Investors agree it is very important for their advisor to help them maximize their income for retirement


Clients agree that their advisor meets a rigorous set of requirements to be certified


Investors say it is very important for their advisor to help them set clear goals for retirement


Opportunity to stand out

Here is a snapshot of our elite advisors



Age: 53

Across all advisors surveyed, both RMA® professionals and other advisors, the mean age of advisors is 53 years of age.


Experience: 21 years

The means RMA® professionals have accumulated over 21 years of industry experience.











What does an RMA® professional know?

As an Investments & Wealth Institute advanced certification, the RMA® program features the deep dive education and practical application that the Institute has been delivering to practitioners for more than thirty years.

By using top industry leaders and respected academic faculty to teach both the online lectures and the in person, executive education capstone course, an RMA professional receives a unique combination of best-in class instruction and specialized knowledge that only this advanced certification provides.

The RMA® community is made up of elite advisors from around the globe committed to creating exceptional outcomes for their clients.

Certification Comparison Chart

The RMA® program requires advisors to meet rigorous standards:



Candidates must exhibit three years of relevant experience in financial services before certification.


Applicants must adhere to the Investments & Wealth Institute Code of Professional Responsibility.


Before certification, candidates must complete the online course and RMA capstone course.


All candidates must pass a stringent examination


Top reasons advisors attain RMA® certification


RMA top reasonsObtaining the CPWA® certification plays an important role in key career advancement areas for advisors. CPWA® practices report higher revenue growth over a five-year period than do non CPWA® practices. The average CPWA® team practice manages US$438 million in client assets and generates US$2.1 million in revenue. Team practices generate more assets per client than do other practices. The mean assets per client of CPWA® practices is nearly four times the assets per client of non-CPWA® practices, and revenue generated over the last 12 months is 43% higher for practices with CPWA® professionals than it is for other financial advisors.

Source: Aite, Building High-Net-Worth Knowledge Through the CPWA® Certification


Type of firms RMA® certificants work

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