RMA® Certification Value & Benefits

Advisors' clients of all ages are looking for expertise in retirement-income planning. Earn the RMA® certification designation and achieve the highest level of success in providing retirement income solutions for your clients.




Investors agree it is very important for their advisor to help them maximize their income for retirement


Clients agree that their advisor meets a rigorous set of requirements to be certified


Investors say it is very important for their advisor to help them set clear goals for retirement

Five Reasons to Earn Your RMA® Certification Today!


RMA 5 Reasons

What are the benefits of RMA® certification?


Benefits of RMA

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn a multidisciplinary approach to retirement planning—The RMA®  certification program maps a complete framework of the retirement planning universe. By presenting and evaluating several schools of thought, particularly on retirement allocation strategies and risk management techniques, advisors from any industry segment can adopt all or part of the best-practice processes.
  • Better understand the client's retirement mindsetRMA Value & BenefitsUsing a combination of behavioral finance, industry research and practitioner experience, the RMA®  certification program can help you to better understand the client's mindset at retirement, as they shift from accumulating and investing assets to funding retirement income. Since the program was developed, customized, and validated entirely from the client's perspective, it will also help improve communication, trust, and planning outcomes with clients.

  • Explore strategies for custom risk assessment and unbiased solutions—Guidance on risk-management techniques and solution strategies for each client segment, regardless of their income or assets, makes the RMA program a truly product-neutral program with unbiased solutions for every type of client. This client-centered, outcomes-based approach is the heart of the program, first doing what is best for the client, no matter the product or payout.

  • Practice with worksheets, tools and techniques to sharpen your skills: Starting with case studies, worksheets and more, the RMA certification program provides the practical tools that help advisors map an actionable and repeatable decision-making process that complies with fiduciary best practices and results in the most appropriate recommends for the client’s situation. 
    ​Using a prudent, client-oriented discovery and analysis process, helps set the stage for the initial client data gathering while the RMA Retirement Readiness Measures compile various strategies of the program into practical techniques that result in actionable client product recommendations.
  • Provide professional guidelines and standards—The RMA®  certification provides advisors with tools to navigate the ethical concerns that arise in serving clients in retirement and throughout phases of retirement to avoid issues common to retirees.   


Retirement is a big life transition and the average financial advisor does not have the training and expertise needed to adequately assist clients preparing for this transition.

With the knowledge and experience gained through achieving the RMA®  certification, you’ll be well positioned to increase client satisfaction, grow assets and increase referrals.

To achieve the highest level of success in providing retirement income solutions to clients, financial advisors must go beyond today’s conventional wisdom to embrace a new and much more complete process.

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