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THRIVE Center for Diversity & Inclusion  

“Diversity of people and thinking paves the way for a brighter future” —Chris Richardson

Thrive MissionTHRIVE Center for Diversity & Inclusion

The mission of the Investments & Wealth Institute is to deliver the premier investment consulting and wealth management credentials and world class education, in order to encourage the practice of high standards. We believe that growing the number of professionals who hold advanced certifications enhances the competency and professionalism of advice delivered to the public.

Thrive Purpose

The purpose of the THRIVE Center for Diversity & Inclusion is to foster a profession where financial advisors from all backgrounds THRIVE, thereby fostering a more diverse and sustainable workforce within the profession.

Leslie Chang


Model for success

We want to be part of the solution, so we created programs, forums and opportunities for underrepresented individuals related to gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual preference and/or financial need to accelerate their career trajectory and thrive. We plan to achieve success by supporting, educating and leading others in the marketplace.



What the Institute Offers




The Institute Scholarship Fund is designed to accelerate career advancement of underrepresented professionals, thereby fostering a more diverse and sustainable workforce within the financial advisor profession.

Our scholarship recipients are more diverse than the greater financial community.





Offers educational resources, networks and strategies for others to gain insights, practical application and roadmaps for success, in addition to creating a place where others can learn from one another in order to deepen their understanding of the barriers of entry for others and create an engaged business model reflective of a diverse workforce and marketplace.

Our knowledge center platform, debuting in early 2021 will foster a sense of community and allow participants to learn from each another. Our thrive programming will feature topics related to Women in Wealth & Diversity Elevates.





Aims to create an industry alliance and a shared set of resources for others to trust in and turn to. Intended to build a supportive infrastructure that helps open doors and creates opportunities, while creating a profession reflective of a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Meaningful change within the industry or a profession cannot be achieved by acting alone. The THRIVE Coalition aims to align with and advance industry initiatives in a collective effort to foster a more diverse and sustainable workforce within the financial advisor profession.


Making an impact

Since the Scholarship Fund was launched, the Institute has experienced a 350% rise in African American applicants over the industry average, and a 400% rise in Latino applicants.



“As an investment professional or advisor, you can never stop learning and improving your skillset....This investment world is ever so changing, and you need to make sure you are constantly changing and improving along the way. And one way to do that is to continue investing in yourself through education and professional certifications.”

Chadwick Roberson,
Candidate for CIMA® Certification
Diversity scholarship recipient