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THRIVE Center for Diversity & Inclusion

Many individuals turn to the financial industry to have a lucrative and fulfilling career. Of that, people of color in the financial services represent only 4% of the industry population and less than 25% hold professional credentials, making it more challenging for people of color to achieve senior level leadership positions in the industry. We want to help change that.



Our Commitment two business people shaking hands and smiling 

The Institute is proud to offer educational programming and resources to aid in the professional development of underrepresented individuals throughout the community of financial advisors.  Our commitment to creating opportunities for others can be witnessed through our THRIVE DEI programs and events, financial aid assistance program (Scholarship Fund) and our THRIVE Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Knowledge Center.

Intention with Purpose  

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Throughout the year the Institute brings together well-known academics and industry disruptors who bring a balance of theory and real-world application to the conversation. Emceed and moderated by advisors in the field, with purposeful intention of educating key stakeholders on the value and benefits of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within their teams and throughout their firms.  

Value Beyond the Boardroom   diverse group of professionals standing outside a boardroom

Our inclusive programming was designed to deepen leaders understanding around the barriers of entry for underrepresented professionals and to help them create an engaged and successful business model by advancing diversity, equity & inclusion within the advice profession.

Investing in the Future   

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And, let’s face it, a career in finance opens up many doors, and not just in the United States - but around the world, and we want to be part of it!

With an increased focus on market expansion, this can lead to global opportunities to shape the economic growth of the economy; a chance for all individuals to have a voice at the table. A place to share ideas. A platform to shape the future of finance, and that feels good to us.

  • We want to create forums that bring individuals from all backgrounds to the table
  • To establish a line-up of diverse conference speakers and webinar hosts
  • To create outlets where all individuals can gain valuable skill sets and techniques
  • To provide flexible options for underrepresented individuals to achieve their advanced credentials
  • Offer scholarships so individuals of from all backgrounds can obtain their certification
 The Investments & Wealth Foundation Scholarship is intended to offset the costs of earning advanced certifications. Our desire is to widen participation and create a bridge to help individuals realize their goals and professional journey.
"The Institute is uniquely positioned to lead change. The organization has long embraced different points of view and recognized the value of diversity."

Garry Bridgeman, CIMA®

"We all bring something different to the table - different perspectives and talents and the THRIVE Center for Diversity & Inclusion allows us to continue learning and leading at a higher level. "

Desiree Maldonado

Education with Impact

The Institute offers three niche and advanced certifications that have impact and allow individuals to lead at a higher level. Our executive educational programs were designed to arm underrepresented individuals with an extensive knowledge base to help them catapult their careers and surround themselves around sophisticated and elite advisors.
The CIMA®, CPWA® and RMA® certifications provide the tools and resources to help individuals of color achieve senior level leadership positions. The Ivy League-quality curriculum creates a layer of expertise and provides the confidence and skill-set needed to solve the most complex investor challenges. 

Which Program is Right for You?

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Inclusivity and Valuing Diversity

  • Inclusive Workplace: embracing an inclusive culture across the organization
  • Enable an inclusive culture while supporting productivity and well-being
  • Explore different ways to assist clients enhance returns and broaden investment opportunities
  • Research and trends in diversity equity and inclusion

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Webinar 1: Sponsored by RBC Wealth Management
THRIVE Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Summer Webinar Series
July 27th | 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. ET

Webinar 2: Sponsored by Charles Schwab Inc., Co.
THRIVE Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Summer Webinar Series
August 31st | 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. ET 

Webinar 3: 
THRIVE Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Summer Webinar Series
September 28th | 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. ET 

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