RMA® Certification Marketing Resources

Take advantage of IWI’s resources—from certification marks to website copy and brochures—to promote your Retirement Management Advisor® designation to your peers, your clients, your firm, and recruiters.

RMA® Certificants Are Exceptional Advisors

Your Retirement Management Advisor® certification gives you nuanced capabilities to serve clients as they navigate wealth accumulation—and fresh strategies to help them thrive throughout retirement.

The Exceptional Advisor program from Investments & Wealth Institute provides the tools and resources you need to communicate your specialized capabilities—and stand out to investors looking for your sophisticated guidance.

Explore the Exceptional Advisor Toolkit

The Exceptional Advisor program from Investments & Wealth Institute helps you articulate to clients  the advantages you can deliver as a CIMA® certificant.

Enhance Communications: Resources for Exceptional Advisors

Act Ethically

Integrate ethical principles throughout your marketing communications.

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Demonstrate Advanced Knowledge

Go beyond basic expectations to communicate a distinct advantage to your clients.

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Provide Meaningful Guidance

Discover materials that you can use to educate your clients about topics they truly care about.

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Understand What Clients Need

Dive into authoritative research on client attitudes, challenges, and expectations.

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Stay in Tune with Evolving Retirement Client Needs

Applied Behavioral Finance


In the investing world, not acting on emotion is paramount. Overconfident investors overestimate their capabilities, eternal optimists underestimate risk, and investors with familiarity bias consistently trade in the securities with which they are familiar - often to the detriment of returns. Applied Behavioral Finance gives advisors the tools to understand and properly navigate their clients' roller coaster of emotions and unspoken biases toward investing, as well as their own.

Using BeFi to Build Trust and Manage Investor Behavior

5 CE Hours

To build high-trust client relationships, the demonstration of one’s technical skills is nowhere near enough. This is because the demonstrated ability of the advisor is about the past. Yet, the decision to trust is primarily about the future – what the advisor will do next. The objective of this program is to equip advisors with the behavioral knowledge to be able to elicit positive responses, build trust, and manage investor behavior with confidence.

Using BeFi to Build Trust and Manage Investor Behavior financial advisor course

Social Security Planning


Advisors must understand the implications of when and how to take Social Security retirement benefits when creating holistic, goals-based retirement income plans. You can immediately use the information presented in this microcourse to open the Social Security discussion with every client who is 50 years of age or older.

Help Clients Find You—Where They Are

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Market Your RMA® Certification with These Resources

Proudly share your Retirement Management Advisor® mark in your signature and social profiles, apply the logo on your website, send an announcement out to your clients, or share a presentation or brochure.

Start Here: The Guidebook

Turn to this collection of editable marketing resources—including letters, website copy, a flyer, a brochure, and more—to promote your RMA® credentials.


RMA Flyer

Professionally designed, at-a-glance explanation of the requirements you’ve met for RMA® certification .


Client Brochure

FINRA-approved marketing brochure to educate clients about the value of working with an RMA® professional.


Order Brochures

Complete and submit this form to receive printed copies of the client brochure.


Presentation Deck

Microsoft PowerPoint slides to help you walk a client through what RMA® certification entails.


SEC Supplemental Support Language - ADV

SEC-compliant language to describe your RMA® certification.


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