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We’re committed to providing you with the tools you need to advance your career, and we know that being able to communicate your professional credentials is a necessary step for you. That’s why we are excited to provide you with digital versions of the certification(s) you earned with us.

We have partnered with Accredible, a platform for creating digital badges, to help you express your achievements and do some of the storytelling for you. Digital badges can be added to your email signature to convey your professional designation or added to your LinkedIn profile in just one click. We believe these credentials enhance the value of your membership and your certifications with a convenient and professional representation.

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Descriptions about CIMA® and CIMC® certifications for Brochure Supplements:


Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®) certification
The CIMA® certification signifies that an individual has met initial and ongoing experience, ethical, education, and examination requirements for investment management consulting, including advanced investment management theory and application. To earn CIMA certification, candidates must: submit an application, pass a background check and have an acceptable regulatory history; complete an in-person or online executive education program through a Registered Education Provider; pass an online Certification Examination; Pass a second background check; and have three years of financial services experience at the time of certification.

CIMA® certificants must adhere to Investments & Wealth Institute’s Code of Professional Responsibility, and Rules and Guidelines for Use of the Marks. CIMA® designees must report 40 hours of continuing education credits, including two ethics hours, every two years to maintain the certification.

Certified Investment Management Consultant® (CIMC®
As of December 2003, new CIMC® certifications are no longer granted. When the designation was issued, its content focused on investment consulting. Current CIMC® designees can maintain the designation through Investments & Wealth Institute. CIMC® designees are required to adhere to The Institute's Code of Professional ResponsibilityRules and Guidelines for Use of the Marks, and have an acceptable regulatory history as evidenced by FINRA Form U-4 or other regulatory requirements. CIMC® designees must report 40 hours of continuing education credits, including two ethics hours, every two years to maintain the designation.

Series 65 and Series 7/66 Combination Exam Waivers for CIMA® Certificants
The following states waive testing for the Series 65 and Series 7/Series 66 combination for CIMA® certificant license holders in good standing: Alaska, Colorado, and Missouri.

Certificant and Candidate Complaint Process—Certificants and candidates can file a complaint with Investments & Wealth Institute about certification policy, practice, or decisions. Complaints must be in writing, and can be submitted by email, mail, or fax to Investments & Wealth Institute. Complaints must originate directly from the certificant and be incorporated into the Certification Complaint Form or the Candidate Complaint Form.

All complaints will be reviewed by an Investments & Wealth Institute management team including its Chief Executive Officer. After review, complaints involving a request to change certification policies may be forwarded to the appropriate volunteer body with governing authority over the particular certification policy. With regard to complaints about all other certification activities, the certification department management team will make a determination.  If the complaint does not relate to certification activities, it will be forwarded to the Senior Director of Administration and Chief Executive Officer for review and resolution. All decisions are final and not subject to appeal.