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Commit to lifelong learning that combines Ivy League-quality education with Practical Application

The Investments and Wealth Institute is proud to be the talent development solution that individuals, small firms, and large institutions turn to for advanced  professional development. Our goal is to help turn great advisors into exceptional advisors by partnering with the Yale School of Management, Wharton School, and the Chicago Booth School of Business among others, on all of our advanced programs for financial planners and advisors.

We offer:

  • 5-10 virtual, hybrid or in person conferences per year, on a variety of topics programmed by and for  financial planning practitioners

  • Nine assessment-based certificate programs offering advanced education on topics like Applied Behavioral Finance, and Endowments & Foundations Consulting (hyperlinks)

  • Three post-CFP Certifications, in investment consulting, private wealth management (HNW clients), and advanced retirement management.

In 2020, we delivered more than 100 educational programs to more than 30,000 lifelong learners. As a CFP® practitioner, you are eligible for membership in the premier, global, technical professional association for financial planning. For your convenience we have gone ahead and activated your membership so there is nothing to do except to start exploring our tools and resources. If you don’t wish to become a member, just decline the offer below. Upon completion of your two-year membership, you will be notified that your membership is coming to an end. At that point, you’ll be given an opportunity to renew.

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Welcome to your professional community

Investments & Wealth Institute is a community of financial planning professionals looking to grow further sophistication, to further their skills and competency, to differentiate themselves through education and credentials, and who are or have the desire to become the top practitioners in their profession.

The investments and Wealth Institute is your gateway into a diverse group of established and successful financial advisors and advocates within the profession. It’s made up of a community of experts and gamechangers who have come together to produce positive outcomes for themselves, their businesses and clients. Everything we offer to support your continuing competence as a practitioner is peer-selected and peer-reviewed, ensuring it will be relevant to you, and free of product pitches and conflicts of interest. 

One key differentiator for the most successful practitioners is their connection to the Institute. According to independent research conducted by Cerulli Associates and Aite Group, compared to the average advisor, Institute members manage twice the assets per client, generate more than twice the revenue per client, and attract a larger share of clients’ investable assets. They are also more confident offering investment management, serve a significantly higher percentage of HNW clients, and are more satisfied with their career. (Cerulli Research, 2021; Aite Research, 2017)

Why is this? Because we are the professional community of and for Exceptional Advisors, and that includes you. As a member you will learn from each other, share best practices, develop critical business relationships and build lifelong lasting friendships.

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Your gateway to peer connections, information and opportunities.

A gathering place to explore content, connect and collaborate.

Platforms to help you examine and discuss business opportunities and challenges.

Help shape the educational content, programming and experiences for others.

Laser focused training programs that open doors, create a market differentiator and propel your career.

Join more than 12,500 financial advisors, where they convene to explore the latest strategies and techniques

Explore over 1,000 hours of on-demand recordings and courses to take your skills and career to the next level.

Connect your firm or practice with leading professionals in the industry.

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Right where you belong. 

You are one of us now.

By earning your CFP® certification, you’ve committed yourself to upholding the highest standards of ethics and expertise, and that makes you one of us. You are now part of an exclusive community, committed to going above and beyond, to driving excellence and delivering the best outcomes for your clients.

Ready to start forming industry relationships that result in new business opportunities and collaborative solutions?


Join our knowledge centers

Play a meaningful role in the shape of the community

Start engaging now

We recognize that individuals thrive and businesses excel when you bring a diverse range of ideas and experiences to the table. That is why we offer a variety of ways for you to contribute to the educational programming. Our volunteer workforce keeps our programming, courses and events relevant and ensures that we are addressing the everyday challenges and complex client needs to help accelerate outcomes.

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Choose a membership package that reflects your career goals

When considering where you want to be in your career, consider spending the next 12-24 months polishing and perfecting your leadership skills. By upgrading your membership package, you are guaranteed to enhance your knowledge set, strategies and techniques to help you improve your leadership style. Our signature and elite packages were designed to help you achieve your career goals at a fraction of the cost!

So, if you plan on spending more time this year narrowing in on a particular skillset, consider upgrading your membership. Our plans offer steep discounts across all our certificate-based courses and conferences, and provide you with credits to access our on-demand recordings, giving you a plethora of opportunities to dive in and take charge of your personal learning objectives.

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