The value of aligning your certification with membership.

Certification & Membership Alignment

Developed in response to your input, alignment offers the ability to synchronize your bi-annual certification renewal (continued use of the CIMA®, CPWA®, or RMA® marks) with your annual membership renewal (affiliation with Investments & Wealth Institute® community and continued use of the member benefits).

Once aligned, you can enjoy membership benefits through the duration of your two-year certification period: including but not limited to, cost savings on Institute premier-quality education that can help you meet your certification's continuing education (CE) requirements; exclusive access to publications, white papers, and interviews; access to the Exceptional Advisor® Toolkit to help you communicate the value of your certification; and much more. To learn more about your member benefits visit our membership page.

Benefits of Aligning Your Certification & Membership Renewals

Cost Savings. Always get the best price. Adding or maintaining membership entitles you to the best rate for your certification renewal fee, and ensures you always receive the best price on continuing education received via Institute online education and live events.


Convenience. Decrease the number of communications you receive, and worry less about missing a deadline. Alignment will synchronize your renewal dates: membership and certification renewal will occur one time, every two years.


Connection. Your certification sets you apart as an exceptional advisor. Your membership keeps you connected to our elite community. With more than 12,000 international financial advisors, investment consultants, and wealth managers, with the Institute you can connect and collaborate with like-minded professionals committed to excellence and ethics. 

When logged in to your dashboard, under Your Certifications, you will see three payment options. Annual membership is regularly US$395. When a payment option that includes membership is selected, certificants that are in good standing receive a discount on the annual member fee. There are deeper discounts for longer-term membership commitments.

: The alignment payment option includes: the member rate for a two-year certification renewal + membership fees for two years. When you align, we calculate a customized price that will align your membership expiration to your certification renewal date. Note: The custom calculation is based on your unique renewal dates. The membership portion of the fee is pro-rated to $26.67 per month, or $320 annually, based on when you made your last membership payment. When you stay aligned, this payment option results in an approximate $50 savings over a two-year period as compared to those who pay their membership fee separately, on an annual basis. Make sure to select the alignment option each certification renewal period to continue to take advantage of this best value.

Pay separately: The pay separately option includes: the member rate for a two-year certification renewal + membership fees for one year. Membership will remain annual unless aligned, and the membership fees higher. You will receive membership renewal notices when your membership is set to expire that are separate from your certification renewal notices.

Nonmember: This limited option allows you to renew your certification at the nonmember rate without any added value or benefits that membership provides.