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Academic Paper Competition

Winning Papers
2017: Environmentally (Un-)Friendly Portfolio Construction, by Lars Kaiser, PhD, and Florian Schaller
2016: Cloaked Trading, by Lauren Cohen, PhD, Dong Lou, PhD, and Christopher Malloy, PhD
2015: How Smart Are Smart Beta Exchange-Traded Funds: Analysis of Relative Performance and Factor Exposure, by Denys Glushkov, PhD
2014: Foreign Investors in Emerging Equity Markets: Currency Effect Perspective, by Cheng Yan
2013: Emerging Market Outperformance: Publicly Traded Affiliates of Multinational Corporations, by Martijn Cremers, PhD
2012: Monitoring Daily Hedge Fund Performance When Only Monthly Data is Available, by Daniel Li, PhD, Michael Markov, and Russ Wermers, PhD