Call for Papers

The Journal of Investment Consulting, published by Investments & Wealth Institute, keeps investment advisors and wealth managers abreast of new research findings in investments and private wealth management.

Call for papers: Papers are invited for publishing consideration from academics and qualified practitioners on the following topics: investment and wealth management, traditional (equity, duration, credit) and alternative (real estate, commodity, private equity) asset premia, asset allocation, security selection, currency management, factor investing, behavioral finance, impact investing, investment vehicles (separate accounts, mutual funds, hedge funds, ETFs, derivatives), investment due diligence, manager search and selection, portfolio construction, risk management, modeling tail risk, transaction costs, trading algorithms, performance analysis and attribution.

Papers should provide the development of theory and applied research as well as new information, new ideas, and new insights on the chosen topic.

Review Process: A distinguished editorial advisory board consisting of acknowledged authorities and leaders in the fields of investment consulting, investment management, capital markets, fiduciary practice, wealth management, and financial planning will review submissions via double-blind review. Papers will be selected for publication based on relevancy, content, and proof of thought.

Paper submission: Submission deadline for the spring 2023 issue is September 30, 2022. Please submit two versions of the paper (one with cover page identifying the authors and one anonymous without cover page for editorial board review) via e-mail in either PDF or Word format to: Debbie Nochlin, Editorial Director, Journal of Investment Consulting