Call for Papers

The Retirement Management Journal (RMJ™), published by Investments & Wealth Institute, presents thought-provoking research for advisors involved in retirement-income planning and management.

RMJ, the first peer-reviewed journal designed to promote research, scholarship, and innovative thinking with respect to retirement, is seeking submissions for its fall 2021 issue. Papers are invited for publishing consideration from academics and qualified practitioners. Suggested topics include those listed below and other relevant topics:
  • Behavioral finance and retirement
  • How the aging of the U.S. population will affect retirement security
  • The effect low interest rates have on lifecycle saving and investments for retirement
  • Methods to assess retirement readiness
  • Sources of income in retirement
  • Calculating expenses in retirement
  • The effect of debt on retirement security
  • Tactics and strategies to manage and mitigate retirement risks
  • The effects of shocks on the sustainability of retirement income
  • Novel ways to structure retirement-income portfolios
  • Strategies and tactics to improve tax-efficient savings and withdrawals
  • Comparing phased retirement outcomes against non-phased retirements
  • Tactics and strategies to improve retirement outcomes for women
  • Tactics and strategies to improve consumption sustainability over the life cycle
REVIEW PROCESS: A distinguished editorial advisory board will review submissions via double-blind process. Papers will be selected for publication based on relevancy, content, and proof of thought.
PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Submission deadline for the fall 2021 issue is May 31, 2021. Please submit two versions of the paper (one version with a cover page identifying the authors and an anonymous version without a cover page) via e-mail in either PDF or Word format to Debbie Nochlin, Editorial Director, Retirement Management Journal.