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Manuscript Guidelines

The following information is a guide for manuscripts submitted for publishing consideration in the Retirement Management Journal (RMJ).

Manuscript Content

  • Manuscript length: 8–15 typed pages (6,000–8,000 words). Longer articles will be considered based on topic, subject treatment, and reader interest. Generally, the longer the article, the more spectacular the subject and execution should be. The RMJ readership is a graduate-level constituency.
  • The RMJ aims to provide all of the complexity most of our readers need. Consequently, we spell out all acronyms on the first reference, try to define all terms within the context of the piece (parenthetical phrases work well), and visually illustrate most points. The more difficult the subject matter, the more graphs or charts recommended.
  • In referring to other studies, formulae, works, or authors, please assume the reader has never heard of the material.
  • The RMJ uses endnotes, not footnotes
  • The RMJ refers to The Chicago Manual of Style for stylistic editing and Chicago’s Documentation II for endnotes and references.

Delivery/Layout Requirements

  • The paper should include an abstract.
  • Include a brief bio that includes the facts about you that are germane to the piece you wrote. The bio should include at least the following information: title(s), designation(s), firm/institution, city/state, school(s)/degree(s), and e-mail address.
  • The manuscript text should be in Microsoft Word, full-page format (Font: Times New Roman, 12pt).
  • Submit all figures and tables in a separate file accessible for textual changes (Font: Times New Roman. Title size: 12pt, and Data size: 8pt).
  • Please submit two versions of the paper (one version with a cover page identifying the authors and an anonymous version without a cover page) in Word or pdf format. 
  • Submit the manuscript via e-mail to Debbie Nochlin, Editorial Director.

Acceptance/Rejection of Manuscripts

  • Submitted manuscripts undergo an extensive blind review. The RMJ Editorial Advisory Board formally scrutinizes each and every submission for relevance, accuracy, and proof of thought. Three or more peer reviewers read each manuscript.
  • Before publication, authors must complete and return the publishing permission form to the managing editor. No article will be published without the author's prior written consent.
  • Reviewers' comments will be sent to you for your response and any changes you may want to make. Once our editors have your amended copy or changes and the manuscript has been approved for publication, the manuscript will be prepared for publication.
  • Designed proofs will be passed back to you for a final read through before publication.
  • The RMJ reserves the right to accept or reject all materials and the editorial advisory board’s decisions are final.