Exceptional Advisor Course

In the online course, Exceptional Advisor: Communicate Your Value & Building Client Engagement, participants will learn how to communicate the value of their ethics and expertise to clients based on research by AbsoluteEngagement.com. Discover the characteristics of an Exceptional Advisor®, and learn how to develop communication and action plans designed to:

  • Better understand what clients consider important.
  • Provide meaningful guidance.
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge through your credentials.
  • Highlight your commitment to ethics by leveraging the Investments & Wealth Institute Code of Professional Responsibility

Registration & Fees (USD)

Members: $195
Join & Learn: $395


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Course Module Overview

To complete the Exceptional Advisor® online course, professionals must complete the following modules.  Each module includes webinars, videos, readings, and other resources, as well as a quiz.

Module 1: Client Research on What Makes an Exceptional Advisor®–Analyze the Exceptional Advisor model based on research by Investments & Wealth Institute and AbsoluteEngagement.com. Learn the factors that drive client engagement. Create a plan to survey clients about what they value and to determine engagement levels. 
Module 2: Understand What Clients Need and Want–Develop a plan with strategies to survey clients to better understand how to best engage them in the advisor-client relationship.

Module 3: Build Your Personal Brand Integrity by Acting Ethically–Develop a plan with strategies to communicate the ethical standards an advisor must meet for their clients. Learn the Code of Professional Responsibility and apply the ethical principles to a variety of ethical dilemmas.

Module 4: Provide Meaningful Guidance–Determine a core services list and associate services with client support and individual/family needs. 

Module 5: Demonstrate Advanced Knowledge–Learn how to build trust and credibility by communicating the advisor's knowledge and professional competencies. Develop a plan with strategies to communicate the value of your advanced credentials.