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CIMA Candidate Profile

The CIMA community is made up of elite advisors from around the globe committed to creating exceptional outcomes for their clients.

With 8,500 CIMA certificants world-wide, you’ll join a tight-knit group of advisors with extraordinary knowledge who navigate the complex nature of investment management.


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Here is a snapshot of our elite advisors.

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Age: 49

Across all advisors surveyed, both CIMA professionals and other advisors, the mean age of advisors is 49 years of age.
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Experience: 14 years
The means CIMA professionals have accumulated over 14 years of industry experience.
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Male vs. Female
85%   15%

Top reasons advisors attain CIMA certification …


Obtaining the CIMA certification plays an important role in key career advancement areas for advisors. Over 60% of CIMA professionals indicate that obtaining CIMA certification had a considerable impact on their knowledge of investment management, their confidence offering investment advice to high-net worth clients, and their confidence in managing investments. In addition, more than half show greater satisfaction with their career, have obtained more trust from the client, and have increased client service practices. Also high on the list in terms of importance for obtaining CIMA certification are client satisfaction with advisor services, career advancement, and satisfaction with employers.

Type of firms CIMA certificants work at …