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CE Reporting Enhancements Coming January 2020

Investments & Wealth Institute believes in the rigor of a continued competency standard in the form of continuing education (CE), but we also want to make the process simple and efficient for our stakeholders. Beginning January 2020 individuals who hold the CIMA®, CPWA® and RMA® certifications will still have three ways to report continuing education, but will also have access to new, simplified reporting processes and online tools, particularly in the area of reporting Self-Reported CE.

1. Premier CE: If you complete in-person or online continuing education from the Investments & Wealth Institute, you will have the Premier CE credit automatically applied to your record. This method of earning and reporting CE offers maximum assurance that the CE will count toward your continuing competency requirement. This CE is audit proof.

2. Sponsored CE: If you complete in-person or online continuing education from a Registered CE Sponsor, you will be able to log into your Dashboard online and verify that CE hours were uploaded by the CE Sponsor. If the hours are not reported, you may enter a program ID and report the credit using our convenient online portal. Sponsored CE is subject to audit.
3. Self-Reported CE: If you complete in-person or online continuing education from an independent, third party that is not the Institute or a registered CE Sponsor, you may still report those hours through your Dashboard online. Using the streamlined CE reporting tool, you will be asked to provide program details and attest to completion of the program. CE credit will be automatically added to your record upon entry and will require a CE fee. Self-Reported CE is subject to audit.
As a credentialing body, we take great pride in ensuring that your credentials remain relevant, and that the requirements to maintain them are targeted and attainable. Ongoing education ensures that you remain up to date on applicable industry changes, concepts and skills to better serve your clients.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing to the self-reporting process?

The process for self-reporting CE will be streamlined using a new CE reporting feature. Using this tool, you will be asked to list program details such as program title, provider, date attended, credit hours and attest to completion of the program delivered through an independent third party, that is not the Institute or a registered CE Sponsor. A fee to report this CE online is required, and the CE credit is applied to your certification record immediately upon entry.

How much is the fee to report independent, third party CE (Self-Reported CE)?
Individuals who complete in-person or online continuing education from a third party that is not a CE Sponsor or the Institute will pay a
US $5/per credit hour fee to add the hours to their CE record. The hours will be applied to the 40-hour CE requirement immediately upon entry.

Do I have to include documentation when I report independent, third party CE (Self-Reported CE)?
No. You should retain all documentation in the event you are audited, but you will not upload, email or mail supporting documentation when you report Self-Reported CE through your online Dashboard.

Can I still take courses outside of the Institute?
Yes. You can complete in-person or online continuing education hours from a CE Sponsor or independent third party.

Is there a fee to use the online tool to report programs completed through a CE Sponsor?
No. Programs completed through a registered CE Sponsor (Sponsored CE) can be reported through your online Dashboard using the assigned program/course ID specific to that program. CE credit is applied to your certification record immediately upon completion, and no fee is applied.

How is Premier CE completed through Investments & Wealth Institute added to my record?
Both live and online programs completed through the Institute will be reported on your behalf approximately 10 business days after the conclusion of a live event, and two business days after completion of an online program.

What is the process if I am selected for audit of my CE hours?
Audited individuals will have 30-days to provide documentation that supports their completed hours for review and approval. Certificants need only verify Sponsored CE and Self-Reported CE. Premier CE offered by Investments & Wealth Institute will not be audited.

Can I be audited prior to when my certification expires?
No. Individuals will only be audited after completing their renewal, and are randomly selected.

What is the proper documentation to substantiate program completion?
Individuals must provide documentation that supports the "3 C's": 1) Content, 2) Credit hours or program length and 3) Course completion for a program submitted for CE credit.

If I renew my certification on December 31, 2019, when is the earliest date that I could be audited?
The earliest date that you could be audited would be December 31, 2021.

Will I be notified if I passed or failed the audit?
Yes. You will receive notifications from the Institute regarding the steps you need to take along with your status throughout the entire process.

What if I fail to provide supplemental materials?
Audited individuals who do not/cannot provide acceptable documentation to satisfy the audit and subsequently do not have enough CE hours to meet their continuing education requirements may lose the right to hold the certification and will need to reinstate it.