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Are You an Exceptional Advisor? Communicate Your Value


Listen to Sean Walters explain what makes an Exceptional Advisor®

Now that you have received your certification, it's time to communicate your value to your clients, peers and colleagues. That's why we created the Exceptional Advisor® Toolkit. The toolkit is comprised of online courses, articles, marketing collateral, powerpoint presentations and communication touchpoints—all to help you convey the value of your certification more easily. 

But first, it might help to understand the Exceptional Advisor® model, how it was born and how you can apply it to everyday situations.

The Exceptional Advisor® Model

The Exceptional Advisor® program is born out of research conducted by the Institute and AbsoluteEngagement.com. The research shows that clients value an advisor who demonstrates advanced capabilities, exceptional service, a personalized approach and meaningful guidance. All this is built on the pillars of adherence to high ethical standards and expertise in the field. This model depicts the core competencies of an Exceptional Advisor.


The Exceptional Advisor® program is designed to showcase your expertise and create awareness of your advanced knowledge and certifications, by providing the tools you need to tell your story and help you demonstrate how you fulfill what clients want.